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The following is the current complete list for the heroes and villains that reside within Noir City. Every character is a story and I hope one day that we will be able to tell them all. If you want to know more about a character, just ask and we’ll make a post about it!

Noir City – the crime city capital of the country. Where magic, crime, and horror lurk everywhere.

The Jacket – Glen Munny. Powers of the Miracle by wearing his jacket.

The Miracle – The living embodiment of the first heroic act.  “Born” the same moment as Letipher as murder and heroism are tied in the same moment of history.   He is highly resistant to physical damage, unparalleled physical strength, and has an intellect rarely rivaled.  He is locked with his arch-nemesis Letipher through time and has had many aliases. Gregory Finch was his alias at the time of his death. Killed by his arch-nemesis. His jacket now holds his powers.   (Looks like Gregory Peck)

Letipher – The embodiment of murder.  Letipher was “born” the moment the first murder took place and has been the living manifestation of murder ever since.  He is highly resistant to physical damage to the point of being indestructible, has physical strength rivaling The Miracle’s, and is a genius.  He is The Marvel’s arch-nemesis through time and neither ages nor dies of natural causes.  His touch is acidic to anything living but has no effect on the inanimate.

Seven – Was once David Mitchum, a noted metallurgist and early settler (think wild west era).  Mitchum was the first to be able to discover and mold a rare, unbreakable metal alloy that once set cannot be reforged.  He forged his and his wives wedding bands in this substance.  Before he could put the metal to any other use his house was broken into by six noted thieves and murderers who murdered his sleeping wife and left him for dead.  He forged a gun with his metal and hunted down and killed his wife’s six murderers.  Shortly after Letipher tracked him down, keenly interested in this metal.  Unable to replicate it Letipher tortured Mitchum to the point of death without being able to pry the secret out.  As punishment for holding the metal’s secret from him, Letipher grafted a new hideous body and mind, made out of Mitchum and the six men who murdered his wife.  Seven is the result, a hulking brute with great physical strength and high resistance to physical damage.  Seven has the personalities of all its donors.

Malum – The harbinger of Letipher.  Wherever Malum appears, Letipher is close behind.  Malum is a creature that looks like a sickly, yellow man.  Malum is incapable of speech but can speak by grafting his hand into a human spine and speaking through his zombie like puppet.  Malum’s can also alter his form, turning his limbs into organic blade like weaponry.

The Aviator – Peter Butler. Could fly. Dead now.  (Looks like Clark Gable)

Gadgetman – William Condren. Creates gadgets through his magic pocket watch. Has two sons: Roland and Oliver.

Nimue – a beautiful, but powerful woman. She inspires others around her. Her name comes from the lady in the lake.

Zoran – fastest man alive. Received his powers of meditating and paying tribute to a forgotten god of speed. Doesn’t use his powers any longer because they degenerate his muscles. We could do a lot with this god of speed. He likes to humiliate mortals and then he feeds on their emotion.

Anne Blaze – Zoran’s mystic mortal wife.  Possessed the power of pyrokinesis as well as the mystical ability to absorb other’s wounds.  Dies saving Zoran’s life after Zoran is fatally wounded by the Trap Master.

Weaponfire – can’t talk. A cyborg created by an unnamed Merlin during Arthurian times. As time has gone on, he has upgraded and become more advanced.  Can adapt surrounding technology into his body.

Spectacles – Chad Woody. Manipulates communication forms (ex. radio waves, television signal, telephone signal, ect.).  Fluent in every language.

The Recluse – becomes invisible. Betrays his friends and is turned into a spider by Letipher.

Rick Spade – Revolver 666.  Part of lineage of warriors sustained between “generations” by blood at death.  Rick Spade’s police revolver is marked by Lucifer’s crest and bullets fired from the gun are imbued with his flame.  Revolver is tasked as an independent third party to regulate surge magic activity on earth.  Spade is gifted all knowledge that proceeded him in the line and has a deep understanding of the occult and magic.  Each warrior in the line is gifted with a unique ability, Rick’s is that he can communicate with restless spirits and commune with the dead.  (Looks like Humphrey Bogart)

Kanbei – Rick Spade’s predecessor.   His ghost is a reoccurring character as his spirit can’t rest until the “Blue Eyed Monster” who led his brother to death is killed. (Looks like Takashi Shimura)

Winston Hudson – Detective that is Rick Spade’s partner in NCPD.

The Shaman – An elderly Native American mystic who keeps council with Thunderfist.  One of the five “Sightless” in Noir City.  The “Sightless” are all blind figures of unknown origin whom can magically perceive everything that transpires in their realm.  The city is divided into five regions, thus the five Sightless.  There used to be six, but one region wasted and disappeared without anyone being sure of why.  All but a small portion of this region was absorbed into the other five’s domain.  The only area not accounted for is the cemetery where the monument of The Miracle is.

Melody –  A blind woman who is another of the Sightless.  She oversees many of the more questionable neighborhoods in Noir City.  She is an avid musician.

Kasha – a Japanese woman who transforms into a cat and helps the dead resolve unfinished business. While Kasha may pretend to have a civilian identity, she is actually a demon and her civilian identity is the disguise. Japanese mythology is full of awesome monsters and characters she can interact with.

Thunderfist – Native American who carries a pipe and has wind powers. Noir City was built upon his tribe’s holy land and the tradition of Thunderfist has been passed on from generation to generation. Legends say that he can’t die on his land, but we will never really know.

Trenchfoot – The ultimate hitman employed by The Families in desperate time.  He is looked down upon amongst the mob members as he doesn’t have their refined, gentleman’s approach to crime.  Little is known about his past.  He is found as an adult in The Waste, presumably having grown up there.  He is completely fluent, the perfect hunter from years in the most inhospitable environment, but unfortunately quite insane.  The alpha predator only interested in interesting hunts and the pay that comes with it.

Vincent Charge – Most powerful organized crime member in Noir City.  Early nemesis for The Jacket.   (Looks like Vincent Price)

Deidra Fate – Deidra is a powerful empath and can manipulate emotion.  She prides herself on being able to an individual’s emotional “core” and, with effort, bring it to the surface.  Under duress loses control of her powers and makes those in a close vicinity of her highly unstable, bringing out their inhabited true nature.  Deidra is an independent contractor “extractionist” who often works for the Family in Noir City.  She is the female foil for The Jacket.  (Looks like a brown eyed Gene Tierney)

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